Christmas Gifts

This Christmas I am giving myself a gift.

My focus over the past few months has been geared towards the spirit perfect imperfection, gray areas, and middle roads.

So, after over a year – my one year blogging anniversary was December 3 – of perfect consistency, posting 5 days a week rain or shine, my gift to myself this year is that of intended imperfection.  I long to nourish myself through food, words, relationships, and Light, and I am still Craving4More.  Life is changing, twisting,  turning, and taking shape in amazing ways of which I never dreamed.  The result for me is a vow of consistent inconsistency.

The joy I receive and the gifts I give through my musings and inspirations will, therefore, appear less often, yet remain whole-heartedly profound.

Red Wine Toast


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One response to “Christmas Gifts

  1. Good for you! It will feel so good…just wait and see. It made a huge difference for me to step back a little bit.

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